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Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Musical Rambunctuosity Prevails at Dollar Bill's Revival in Kingston Ontario

Soundcheck with The Whiteley Brothers Band: with Morgan Davis (seated),
Bucky Berger on drums,

Ken Whiteley,

Victor Bateman on bass

and Chris Whiteley.

Prime mover Peter Lloyd warming up to Eugene Smith, first out of the gate in an epic night of Canadian talent. >>>>>>>

Rediscovered master tapes were the impetus for a full-scale one-night stand starring performers who helped to make the Prince George Hotel a legendary stopover for touring acts in the late 70`s and early eighties.

The sold-out evening, at $160 a chair, benefited local cancer patients and the hearts of all who attended.

The place was bustling all night as Canada's finest musicians gave their all to the crowd.

Bassist Kit Johnson scraped by as a guest artist with The Whitely Brothers, soloing on the Zydeco Tie. Also featured were blues legend Morgan Davis, Brother Chris on the Hands-Free Harmonica and Brother Ken in a leaping gospel revival tune.

The Whiteleys left the stage to the perennial soul / funk mastery of The Lincolns featuring uplifting vocals by Steve Ambrose and Jordan John, with special guests Donny (Downchild) Walsh and Zekiya Hooker (daughter of album delight, Mr. John Lee Hooker).

And as many patrons began to lose their ability to walk or communicate effectively, The High Sheriff Of Hell, and album opener, David Wilcox brought his guitar firestorm to the stage, including a performance of Brain Fever, which he hasn't played in thirty years. It will be longer than that before Kingston (or any other place in the known universe) sees as diverse, as energetic or as meaningful a show as descended here that magic night. David was joined onstage by M.C. Dan Aykroyd, Chris Whiteley & Donny Walsh for a tremendous Flip Flop and Fly finale, rocking the clientele and the very building into history one last time.

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