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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Chandeliers of Music. Corby's Orbit / Radio Regent Toronto - Greatest Hits of 2014

You all have a profound and personal tune-list of songs. This year, in the air traffic control center of my affections, admirations and appreciations, these songs have offered me some cultural comfort, bolstered my imagination, strengthened my conviction that music, as thought, matters more than matter, and played continually in my head without benefit of a device. Amongst many others...

I programmed them all on my show, and often more than once. There are a few Top 40 selections here, as proof against the arguers who say that no new music is as good as back in the day. Even EDM has its epiphanies.Thanks to all the makers.

Corby's Orbit / Radio Regent Toronto Greatest Hits of 2014

1    Poor Angus ~ Never Come Back ~ Gathering  (Borealis)

2    James Hill feat. Joel Plaskett~ The Brightest Lights ~ The Old Silo (Borealis)

3    Amelia Curran ~ Song On The Radio ~ They Promised You Mercy (Six Shooter)

4    Jose Gonzalez ~ Stay Alive ~` Mitty` Soundtrack (Republic) 

5    Indian City ~ Sundancer / Sunrise Second Shine

6    Rory Block ~ Nehemiah James ~ Hard Luck Child (Stony Plain)

7    Dawn Pemberton ~ Say Somethin`

8    Peter Rowan ~ Illusion`s Fool ~ Dharma Blues (Omnivore)

9    Keiffer McLean ~  World Is Square ~ Drama In The Attic

10  Robin Schulz feat. Lilly Wood & The Prick ~ Prayer

11  Nico & Vinz ~ Am I Wrong

12  Ed Sheeran ~ I See Fire (Kygo Remix)

13  Crooked Brothers ~ Organs On Demand ~ Thank You I`m Sorry

14  Eric Bibb feat. Michael Jerome Browne~ Driftin`Door To Door ~ Blues People (Stony Plain)

15  Sarah Jane Scouten ~ I Had To Be Right ~ The Cape

16  Jennie Lewis ~ She`s Not Me ~ The Voyager (WB)

17  Buffy & Larry ~ Surrounded ~ Surrounded (Meganova)

18  Random Order ~Pink Cloud ~ Black Lipstick Kiss

19  Lizzy Hoyt ~ Movement Never Lies ~ New Lady On The Prairie

20 The Barr Brothers ~ Half Crazy ~

My favourite disks of the year are at:

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