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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

21C Music of the 21st Century Festival Launch at Koerner Hall

A festival of open minded mega-modern composition and performance will be coming to Bloor Street in Toronto during the 4th weekend in May. Heavy hitters Stewart Copeland, Don Byron and Kaija Saariaho will be flanked by a kaleidoscopic collider of  particularly energizing artists.
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They had a well attended preview last night. Some present are pictured below:

  Brian Current, classical composition Juno winner 2015, for Airline Icarus, directing the GGS Music Ensemble

 DJ Skratch Bastid doing contemporary classical composition remixes live with the composers
 @ Spin Cycle May 24,

Vocalist for Cinq a Sept Carla Huhtanen,

Toronto cellist/composer
on the same program,

and the unusual suspects, Ian Harper, head of audio at Koerner Hall, Rough Idea and the Orbiteer.

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  1. Hey Paul. Great to meet you last night. I am actually the head of audio for Koerner hall and the RCM, and not the TD. I wear the TD hat in other places. Cheers. Ian