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Saturday, November 7, 2015

Free CD's !!! Send Me Your Top Ten list of 2015 !!!

Overall, as Orbital parlance would justifiably have it, I am uplifted by the fabulosity of my bloggish progress:  

  • I've just reached a total of 70,000 page views. 
  • This is my 800th post over 5 years. 
  • This year, my monthly audience is up to an average of over 2000 hits. 
  • Direct your regard below to see the story spun out in data.

My global blog audience is probably indicative of my listenership, although I no doubt attract a lot of people just putting "Canadian Music" names into their search engines.

Rather than rest on my launchers with this moderately successful cyber-reward, however, I'm going to challenge myself to boost up attendance a little by recruiting new "members" and engaging the few subscribers that I already have,


Since the regular high point of the  year for interest in my content (see those five spikes on the graph?) are my year-end personal assessment posts of the fifty best records of the year,

I would like one of you to receive hard copies of a collection of the Corby's Orbit Top Ten CD's of 2015, free.

All you will need to do is 

A) Become a follower of Corby's Orbit (at this spot on the Blog) >>>

B) Send me a list of YOUR Top Ten disks from this year (in the Comments at the bottom of this page)

C) And the Follower who provides the one list which proves to be the most alluring / informed / inspirationaly contiguous (to me) will get a snail mail package sometime before Christmas, suitable for binge-listening, re-gifting and Subcultural Intergalactic bragging rights.

(Deets to be worked out with the winner, confidentially, on SocMed).


Start compiling.

Contest closes at midnight on December 31.

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