Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Wild Things ~ Canada's 150th Birthday ~ Our 17 Best Songs ~ Seventh Post

Wild Things takes over my heart every time I hear it: "Gather all the rebels now, we'll rebel-rouse and sing aloud."
I can't tell you how my spine tingles and my chin tightens up proud when I hear this Giant Canadian Song of today, and I think of just yesterday, Joni searching  the cellar in the Boho Zone and Leonard doing the telephone dance at the System Theatre and Burton onstage with a burning American flag and poor sick Joel Plaskett with the visions coming quicker, Deryck refusing to be another casualty of society, Brigette dePape...all our rebels, abjuring the empty chairs and policies that
Alessia Cara can so clearly see and just walk around, outside the trap, spiteless and safe in her undiminished sense of self-possession.  With great sound. Fine all by herself.
With her friends and fun intact. Bringing an international generation together, even in the comments jungle. What an invasion of healthy perspective, unique beats and a truly livid flood of blood-vivid phrasing and - and - and. *Find your grace.*

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