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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Friday's Spatial Guests - and MORE CANADIAN MUSIC!!!

 As a chronic bass rocker, Kit Johnson has for decades been a sturdy plinth for many of Canada's most towering musical talents

Having provided low end security  for Murray McLaughlin, Kate & Anna McGarrigle, David Wilcox, Lynn Miles, and perhaps a couple of hundred others, Kit has an inner track on what goes into the making of a good song.

He will be calling in from Calgary with some responses to my quest for our Top 17 Songs. We'll chat and listen to a couple of his favourites around 5:30. 

Listen for him soon with Wilcox at the Wild Mountain Festival in Alberta, and as bass man for the house band at the 2017 Edmonton Folk Festival with Amos Garrett (for his 32nd consecutive year).

It's been awhile since Scar-bro indie soul aggregate Iman & The Wasted La-La's let loose, but they are on the rise once again with a show at The Supermarket this Saturday, an EP release concert for "...Don't Tell Iman"

Iman will join me in Orbit at 6:00 to preview her new sounds.

 Adrian "Sherriff" Miller is at the very root of Toronto reggae history. As a founding member and riotous lead vocalist for Earth Roots and Water and 20th Century Rebels, and then as a solo artist on 1985's Empty Promises and 2010's Rude Boy On The Bus, his tenacity and talent have brought him to his most accomplished release yet: Mother Earth

Powered by a wide variety of styles, Adrian's vocal velocity and thinking man's lyrics on this record will help propel the entire genre of Canadian reggae into the 21st century. It will be unleashed fully at a special concert, with his new band and Toronto's The Memberz next Friday at the Rivoli. He'll be beaming into the Orbit with fire and focus at 6:30.

Listen up to Corby's Orbit, Fridays from 5 til 7, on Radio Regent, in the heart of Toronto, for the best in Canadian music.

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