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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, October 5, 2017

Territory Sound Dropping Beats From Germany and Nicole Coward Lifting On Beating Wings with Friendly Rich and His Great Blue Heron

 This Friday on Corby`s Orbit:

Territory Sound out of Stuttgart West Germany will be tearing it up later in the evening at Thymeless, but they`re coming up wild at Radio Regent around 5:00 Friday.
 DJ Thorsten W and DJ Tango Kilo Zulu are in town hosted by grand T.O. amalgamation The Memberz, whose new side Work It Out drops very soon.

Then at 6:00, Nicole Coward, uplifting songstress, currently touring in support of her new album, LIFT, will be rising into Orbit for some live sharing of her music, her thoughts and her destinations. 

And at 6:30 musical outrider Friendly Rich, astride his eleventh record, The Great Blue Heron will call in from far Quebec to elucidate the harmonic explosions that will be taking place at the Heliconian Hall next Friday, the thirteenth, when he presents his new music alongside collaborators Kevin Breit and Hawksley Workman, and a full band.

Rocket on up from 5 til 7 every Friday evening on Radio Regent.

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