Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Super Heroines of Song

 January has been a kinetic cyclone of gale force singers, indicative of a global heart-warming trend. Necessary to Canadian musical survivalists. From the south, Cuba's Brenda Navarrete brought humid turbo-conga waves wafting in slow gusts from her new album Mi Mundo across the cold and grateful ears of the Jazz Bistro crowd with an ensemble of mind - bursting musicos. Alexander Brown O.M Dios!

Barely home from that ear vacation, I was able to take in A Universe, Chloe Watkinson battering her own vocal limits with conviction and melody aforethought. Again, a stalwart band of aiders and abettors brought the evening to a solar climax.

Then, astride a dusty chinook up from Texas, Lee Ann Womack gave everyone's ears a good clean scrub-out at The Horseshoe with the power of unleashed heart hurricanes and the clarion energy of a southern baptist bellwether. She let us sing the last verse of I Hope You Dance too.

Finally, from the upper stratosphere, a cosmic blast of hallucinatory radiance ignited The Baby G with the first of four spektaks by Ronley Teper and The Lipliners, penetrating the future of song with straightup twelve piece jams and mashups of geostorm magnitude.

( And damn I'm still wishing I'd been able to catch Collette Savard and the Savants' CD release at the Tranzac!)

All in all, the universe is harmonically converging as it should.

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