Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, October 25, 2018

A Centrifugal Crowd of Musicians Increases The Orbital Spin

Madeleine Roger has a new album, Cottonwood, just recently out, which she bestowed upon an adoring audience last week at Burdock. She is back in The Peg now but will be calling in at 5:15 with updates on future plans and destinations.           
George Crotty, who was in Orbit last summer with Four String Nomads, is exploring new nebulae with percussionist Oisin Hannigan and will be bringing a sample into the orbital mainframe around 5:30 as he preps for a house concert later tonight.

Longtime intrepid global music adventurer Brenna MacCrimmon is part of an extravaganza at Revival on Sunday from 3:30 til 7 called World Music! Fun! along withCanadian Folk Music Award nominees So Long Seven and Near East and her ensemble, theTurkishly breezy Zephyr. She will be entering the Orbital sphere at 6:00 to entertain and  bring us some modern Ottoman vibes.

New mesmerizing battle jazz unleashed by Jeff LaRochelle will be in full force at Burdock next Thursday as the multi-faceted shapes of his new album Lenses Extend unfold live. Doors will be at 9 PM and show at 9:30. He will be spiralling into Orbit at 6:30 with support artist Sabine Ndalamba for a performance of galactic proportion.

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