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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Notable Nomads In Orbital Conjunction THIS Coming Friday

The 14th Annual Canadian Folk Music Awards
will be coming up Friday November 30 & 
Saturday December 1, 2018 at The Gateway in Calgary. 
I'm always happy to see so many friends of the Orbit 
amongst the nominees. Most exciting for me are the 
World Music and Breaking The Boundaries categories, 
and it was a real pleasure to see Minor Empire up for 
World Group of the Year and producer / guitarist 
Ozan Boz
nominated for Producer of the Year 
for their epic album Uprooted.

Singer / Composer Ozgu Ozman will be calling in
 to catch up with us on the band's recent tour 
and future plans at 5:30.

With an upcoming showcase performance at the Tranzac next Friday evening at 8:00, Graham Nicholas will be intersecting with the Orbit at 5:45 and playing a few tunes.  He has been maintaining an extensive country crossing touring schedule, and has also shared the stage with the likes of Ron Hynes, Catherine Maclellan, Old Man Luedecke, Del Barber and Daniel Romano.

And at the Free Times Cafe this Friday, Nov 16, Kristin Lindell will be performing in support of Music Can Heal. She's on at 8 pm, followed by Brian Katz, Alan Gasser, but she will be swerving into the Orbital trajectory at 6:20 to talk and sing about her loves and causes and Sing Your Bliss, an a cappella group that she's been working with.

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