Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Monday, August 9, 2021

BEST Back Yard Summer Songs for 2021


Floating amongst the flowers in a chill summer sangria session on the back porch, nothing could be better than a stack of recent CDs - mostly Canadian - to ameliorate the intensity of alternating rinses of sunburst and cloudburst in your Upper Atmosphere.

May we suggest?

From top left: Dana Sipos' transcendental The Astral Plane, produced by Sando Perri / Montreal's Endrick & The Sandwiches' splendid party poppers on Sunny Soul / Spellling's ominous manifesto of harmony and poetics on The Turning Wheel  / Brad Sucks' rocking reveries and whimsy on A New Low In Hi-Fi / Broke Fuse with a spectrum of moods spreading out from the blues on Rocket Ride / redemptive roots sounds from Brandon Isaac's Modern Primitive / courageous - outrageous soul charges from  Hiatus Kaiyote's Mood Valiant / the coolant  properties of jazz adrenaline on Code Quartet's Genealogy and  Boy Golden's cerebrally celebratory funrock vibes on Church of Better Daze.

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