Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, December 16, 2021

My 1500th Blog Post. Repeat of Last Weeks Show with Vince Fontaine Today.





An Orbital Attitude of Gratitude


This is the 1500th post in my blog, which has run regularly, in tandem with my Toronto-based music show, Corby’s Orbit, since January 2010, at first on CKLN.FM, then on Radio Regent out of Regent Park and now in syndication on Blues & Roots Radio.


I really need to acknowledge the help and encouragement I have gotten from all the artists that the show has brought me into contact with. The admin at all the stations have been admirably rigorous with keeping the show on the air, and the publicists who have shared their connections and passions for new Canadian music with me, and my enthusiastic audience who have provided the kinetic energy at the heart of the show. 


A complete list would be an impossibility, but as a quick reminder to myself, I’d like to include thanks to the following heroes of radio, and the rest of you must know my appreciative feelings: Tim May, Daniel Vandervoort, Amil Delic, Tyrone McLean-Wilson, Pat Whittaker, Adonis, Ron Gaskin, Gary Topp, Beverly Kreller, Ken Beattie, Eric Alper, Sebastian Cook, Jay Cleary, Jane Harbury, Sarah French, Beth Cavanagh, Emily Smart at Six Shooter, Kimberly Sinclair, Bob Jensen, Ernesto Cervini at Orange Grove, Cortney Harkin, Laurie Lockhart, Gary Kendall, Heather Kitching, Jason Schneider, Bill Garrett, Sarah Devon Gardiner, Richard Flohil, Jen Eisner, Melanie Brulee, Joanne Smale, Michael Clifton, Cliff Booker, Greg Lawson, and Adrian & Erdine Hope.


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