Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, March 26, 2022

Playlist for Corby's Orbit Show of 25 March 2022 featuring Guest Host Howard Gladstone


Commissioner of Selection: Howard Gladstone

5-7 p.m. Fridays online HERE
and Tuesdays at 9pm & Wednesdays at midnight on

R.I.P. Peter Goddard

Brought to you by Oscar No Questions, The H'academy H'owards, and The Gladstone-berry Festival )

Canadian Artists Asterisk*d in RED

5:00: Mind Over Matters

Ann Vriend - Anything I Know ~ Everybody Matters NEW RELEASE

Sam Weber - Truth or Lie ~ Get Free NEW RELEASE

Small Island, Big Sound -  Mradsudj ~ Big Island, Big Sound NEW RELEASE

5:15: Racks and Rains

Q&A (Tony Quarrington & Zoey Adams) - None Of The Above ~ Demo-Listen Derby

Peter Boyd- Beulah Land ~ Beulah Land

Noah Zacharin - Miss Me When I’m Gone ~ Night Rider

Doc MacLean - Bone Train ~ Narrow House

5:25 Eikhard Leads

Shirley Eikhard - Anything Is Possible / On My Way To You / Good News ~ On My Way To You NEW RELEASE

5:40 Changers In A Changed Land

Mr. Rick & The Biscuits - Everybody Needs A Change Sometimes


Lynn Harrison - Wind of Change ~ Simplicity 

Laura Fernandez - Nothing Has Changed ~ Okay, Alright

Jon Brooks - There is Only Love ~ Moth Nor Rust

6:00 Mutable ESMOsis

Bruce Cockburn - Lord of the Starfields ~ In the Falling Dark 

ES:MO (Elizabeth Shepherd and Michael Occhipinti ) - Lord of the Starfields ~ The Weight of Hope NEW RELEASE

Leonard Cohen - Night Comes On ~ Various Positions

ES:MO (Elizabeth Shepherd and Michael Occhipinti ) - Night Comes On ~ The Weight of Hope NEW RELEASE

6:15 Jazz Of Life

Odessa/Havana - Landerico ~ 
@ Supermarket Thursday 31 March 

Lorne Lofsky -  Witchcraft ~ Bill, Please @ Guitar Masters Series / Hirut Cafe on the Danforth 17 &19  April @ Canadian Ukranian Benefit in Newmarket Thursday 7 April


Don Naduriak - This One’s For You ~ PRE RELEASE

@ Hirut Cafe on the Danforth 8 April

6:30 Meritocratic Encores

Small Island, Big Sound - Alta Renga Koe ~ Small Island, Big Sound NEW RELEASE


Ann Vriend - Gonna Be Fine ~ Everybody Matters NEW RELEASE

ES:MO (Elizabeth Shepherd & Michael Occhipinti - Riverman ~ The Weight of Hope NEW RELEASE

Odessa/Havana - Coffee Works / Bela’s Bounce ~ PRE RELEASE @ Supermarket Thursday 31 March

Lunch at Allen’s - Down by the Henry Moore ~ Lunch at Allen’s

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