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Friday, February 5, 2010

Malinke Music in African History Month

Afrik'A Lanton
Uploaded by waramusso.,
Today Karen from Ainike dropped up to the Orbit at 1:00 to talk about the complex West African styles of music evolved by the Kingdom of Mali.

From a New York Times review of "Fela" By CHARLES ISHERWOOD
Published: January 27, 2010:
“I KNOW there is nothing a white person can say to a black person about race which is not both incorrect and offensive,” James Spader’s hard-driving lawyer says in the new David Mamet play, “Race.” “I know that. Race is the most incendiary topic in our history. And the moment it comes out, you cannot close the lid on that box. That may change. But not for a long long while.”
As much as we would like to think we live in a postracial America, having elected a black president, the potency of race as a topic for generating scandal — however cynical or bogus — suggests otherwise. The presentation of African culture as a feast of exotic pageantry has the potential, at least, to reinforce stereotypes of African people as primitive and unsophisticated, albeit endowed with astounding aptitudes for song and dance."

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  1. Enjoyed the video.. the drumming class in there is inspiring me to get out my djembe. Loved the instrument at around 6 minute mark - 6:40ish ..What was that? srtinged instrument - looked and sounded v cool!
    ..was like a little afternnon 10 min trip to Afrika. ; )