Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Playlist Feb. 26 2010 EXPLORATION!

George Harrison that's the way it goes gone troppo dark horse 11:06

jack rabbit slim a long time deadrockabilly and jump blues bbe11:10

devil's hotrod talk sh*t...get hit dirty rocks for broken hearts stumble11:13

carl perkins restless jive after five rhino 11:16

huun huur tu saryglarlar maidens eternal electrotone 11:20

wasis diop dune chillout marks and spenser11:26

massive attack flat of the blade heligoland virgin11:30

d'angelo me an those dreamin eyes of mine brown sugar emi 11:35

high plains drifter kalif nufunk sampler nufunk 11:40

nostalgia 77 positive force impossible ark tru-thoughts 11:45

laila biali tears of Hercules from sea to sky cbc 11:49

kate rusby village green preservation society /

bitter boy awkward annie pure 11:55

chris bartos bluegrass groupie / beetle junebug Fort William duke street 12: 05

Flatt & Scruggs foggy mountain chimes /foggy mountain jamboree Columbia

jana keeley the falling trouble prairie girl 12:16

ewan Dobson my nightmare the red army love potion ed 12:20

magnum band libete konbit; BURNING RHYTHMS OF HAITI a&m 12:26

abdullah Ibrahim sunset in blue / selby the eternal spirit is the only reality

African piano enja 12:30

abdullah Ibrahim mindif / dj spooky remix re:brahim enja 12:43

tony gits them gwan long journey jah t 12:48

melanie durrant you ask for it where i'm going maxamus 12:53


folklore Haiti gade moune yomrta-ramagaya 1:00

mosco tiles fonclaire steel orchestra black man's cry the inspiration of fela

kuti now/again 1:05

guerilla la popo guerilla hit parade 1:10

tommy mc cook sauvitt single studio one 1:18 l

lans thelwell jive samba llans plays it all wirl 1:22

sir lancelot karange single fiesta 1:26

king fighta indo law say so hellish calypso cook 1:29

sound dimension sing a simple song single studio 1 1:34

eddy grant nobody's got time single ice 1:37

Winston ‘flook’ Richards eatin corn single star crown 1:40

lever brothers gay flamingos / listings egbi mi the inspiration of fela kuti

now/again 1:43

prince buster and lee perry johnny cool blank single 1:49

the fountainaires don't steal my baby single forward 1:53

vivian hall toronto rock single bunjo 1:57

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