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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Compliments of 2010


My 50 Most Adored and Played Albums of 2010 in Orbital Non-linear Rotational Order
Kanye and Arcade and The National : yes, yes, I know, …..BUT!!!!! Listen To These!!!!
I have listened to thousands of disks this year. These are the ones that linger. All had something new to offer. Only one compilation.... the rest are monographs by (mostly) underplayed and marginalized musical innovators. Red denotes Canadian artists (50%).

۞Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra   Kollaps Tradixionales
۞The XX
۞Souljah Fyah I Wish

۞Sons of an Illustrious Father
۞Foals   Total Life Forever
۞Neon Indian Psychic Chasms
۞Easy Star All-Stars  Dubber Side of the Moon 
۞Bobby McFerrin Vocabularies
۞David Byrne / Fatboy Slim Here Lies Love
۞Mastrzofthayoonavrce   mastrzofthayoonavrce
۞Bruno Capinan Gozo
۞Brad Mehldau  Highway Rider

۞Floratone  Floratone
۞Justin Nozuka    you i wind land and sea
۞Massive attack  Heligoland       
۞Tanya Philipovich  Secret Fiction Romance
۞Rose Cousins, Jill Barber and Meaghan Smith  
A New Kind of Light 
۞Tucker Finn  The Cup & the Lip
۞Catl With the Lord for Cowards You Will Find No Place

۞Maylee Todd  Choose Your Own Adventure
۞Girl Talk  All Day
۞Zeke Mazurek  I Ain’t Dead Yet

۞Chris Bartos  Ft. William
۞Hands and Teeth  Enjoy Your Lifestyle
۞Elizabeth Shepherd   Heavy Falls The Night
۞Joy Kills Sorrow  Darkness Sure Becomes This City
۞Rae Spoon  Love Is A Hunter
۞Nascente Label  A Beginner’s Guide To South Africa
۞Baskery    Fall Among Thieves
۞Tara Holloway  Sins To Confess
۞Carmen Townsend  Waitin’ & Seein’
۞Microbunny  49 Swans

۞KC Roberts and the Parkdale Revolution Good Life
۞Ron Hynes Stealing Genius 
۞The Mountains and the Trees   I Made This For You
۞The Golden Dogs  Coat of Arms
۞Gilles Peterson  Havana Cultura Remixed
۞Shad   TSOL
۞Recoil   Selected
۞Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band  Irinajo
۞Colleen Brown   Foot In Heart
۞Saidah Baba Talibah (S)Cream

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