Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Quality Amounts of Wow Music 2010


Obsessive Compulsive Live Acts:
catl - metaphysical salt and pepper for your crunchy blues chili con carnival. What?
K.C. Roberts and the Live Revolution: High torque levels of fun, funk and fun-goo latte.
Saidah Baba Talibah: That's not a voice, that's a weapon.
Shakura Saidah: The statue of liberty came to life and sang soul blues in an excruciating red dress.
King Achilla Orru: My heart wakes up to the sound of the Lokembe at the Yonge Bloor subway.
Patsy Cline Birthday Party: Grouped annual incandescence of the sultry and the sweet cream of T.O. divas.
Rinse the Algorithm: God's gift to dance-jazz and storm bandits of the passing thought.
The Joyful Sinners, Spandex Effect (above), Jace and Van Dusen: Energy magnifires with true gifts (and prizes).
And they all live and work in Toronto. See them every time!

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