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Corby's Orbit
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Friday, June 17, 2011

The Best Band In The World is coming to T.O.

As a hard-core reggae gourmet, I feel much has gone undeveloped in the history of
reggae BANDS. The tradition is vibrant: Wailers, Third World, Aswad, Pulse, We The People,
Sagittarius, Roots Radics; but blendings and trendings have slowed the field, so that this century
has very few true innovative teams of musicians who can portray the timing, feel and consciousness
that are required: Easystar Allstars, Souljah Fyah and Skindred head a short list, and Jamaican-born
listeners might even eliminate all them.
So it was my ecstatic pleasure in the swamp of slushy snow that was CMW this year to stand
and listen and jump and prance to the music of Blue King Brown from Australia. They hold up
and add to the principles of highly charged reggae music. In Toronto you will have missed three
opportunities to see them. Van breakdown, snowstorm and bad scheduling have given them little
chance to find their audience here.
 That's all changed.
Coming in July to the Garrison. Be there or cut your hair. Satisfaction guarantee.

 Never Fade Away by bluekingbrown 

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