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Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Missing In Orbit

Muchachos! I will be earning an unexpected living consistently in a terrestrial context for these first two weeks of June, and so, curious anomalies will be occurring in the Orbital domain. Other programmers from CKLN.FM will be occupying my airspace for the next two shows (June 10&17). And I like to think it's all an anomaly anyways, so the more it changes, the more it will stay strange.

Stay tuned for a return show on June 24th that will feature three of the most significant songwriters in our country, which is so most amazingly full of bards, troubadours, heartsick wailers, spirit manifestors and soul speakers.

Rose Cousins is a perfect package of all the skills and thrills that a solo performer can offer. Funny and acute observances of the nuances of the heart, special skills at empathy and insight and a fine guitar player. Come hear her unwind in a studio setting.

Abigail Lapell has a lot of the same colours in her palette, but unpredictable melodic curves, and a warm observance of the occupational hazards resulting from the profession of constance and desire
set her upon a new and poetic frontier of impact lyricism. On the show she will be introducing her proud new disk, Great Survivor.

Mr. Ron Hawkins has just finished his fourth solo collection of custom-threaded steamfitter's songs, full of pressures and balances, tellingly entitled Straitjacket Love. His tough-love  voice and a brand new, above-code band, The Do Good Assassins, will all be there in Orbit for a complete revolution of "the city that soars so stubbornly between the mountains and the sea".(Hong Kong Station) 

Be there for this exotic opportunity to listen to what the poets are thinking (and a billion-odd other reasons).

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