Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Friday, December 16, 2011

Go Listen Now! Best of 2011 within the orbital purview

My 50 Most Adored and Played Albums of 2011 in Orbital Non-linear Rotational Order, with all due respect to Paul Simon and Drake…
Canadians in RED
Fleet Foxes    Helplessness Blues
Lindi Ortega       Little Red Boots
Steve Bell    Kindness
Genticorum              Nagez Rameurs
Aline Morales             Flores Tambores e Amores

Alicia Hansen              Fractography
Jeff Talmadge             Kind of Everything
Sarah MacDougall      The Greatest Ones Alive
Abigail Lapell               Great Survivor
Steven Ambrose          Love Is Breaking Out

Rebekah Higgs           Odd Fellowship
The Modern Grass Quartet  The Modern Grass Quartet
Library Voices      Summer of Lust
The DoneFors     Award Winning Album
Braids              Native Speaker

The Paint Movement       The Paint Movement
Minor Empire            Second Nature
Layah Jane     Honey
Alanna Cherote  Paper Flower
Ry Cooder   Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down

The Weather Station     All Of It Was Mine
Kim Stockwood      Back To The Water
Kate Bush  Director’s Cut
Superheavy  Superheavy
Pura Fe Trio  Live

Asa    Beautiful Imperfection 
Selah Sue  Selah Sue    
The Barr Brothers The Barr Brothers
Kathryn Calder   Bright and Vivid
Rich Aucoin   
We’re All Dying To Live

Bjork    Biophilia
Keith Mullins and Thom Swift    
   The Wood Buffalo Youth Song Project
Laura Repo   Get Yourself Home
Working For A Nuclear Free City  
Jojo Burger Tempest

James Farm   James Farm
New Country Rehab    
   New Country Rehab
Lou Reed & Metallica  Lulu
David Gogo      Soul Bender
Lehera   Heart Sky

Kiran Ahluwalia  aam zameen : 
   Common Ground
Ernesto Cervini Quartet   There
L.U.S.T.   Best of L.U.S.T.
The Civil Wars  Barton Hollow
Ronley Teper’s Lipliners    Alive

Ron Hawkins Straitjacket Love
Young Galaxy  Young Galaxy
Feist                  Metals
The Weeknd    House of Balloons
Zoon van Snook   The Nutty Tree

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