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Corby's Orbit
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Monday, June 17, 2013

NXNE Gives It A First-Night Try

 As you & I know, dearest, time is music, and even moreso when a music circus like NXNE hits To-burg. The frantic fanatic needs all the corners cut in order to hit multiple venues and hear all that needs to be heard.
Last night's kickoff blew my itinerary apart. At the Cameron,, a no-show from Kansas City's Samantha Clemons left a crew of tune hogs and bloggers sitting for an hour with no explanation, announcement or apology . With the Hard Luck, May, and Rivoli programming close by, our time was wasted  while we watched The Pelts' interminable sound check.

 Fortunately The Pelts brought the party. "A prom taken over by Quentin Tarantino", as they like to say. Clockwork musicianship and harmony supporting re-inspired 1964 songwriting.  Set the ears alive and made the dance floor arise with flash and frenzy. Charcoal suits and turquoise ties. They set the bar high for best wedding reception at NXNE ever. Then I moved on up to The Supermarket.

When I finally tired of waiting for the magnificent Lauren Mann & The Fairly Odd Folk through a set of redneck halt-country from a band that should remain nameless, I took a chance with Coyote at Rancho Relaxo. What an upgrade: architecturally sound bass lines buttressed by a kicking drummer and above-code keyboards, all in aid of one of the sweatiest guitar/vocal front-line combos ever. Well-spun songs and - bliss- Rancho has installed A.C.!

When I got back to The Supermarket, Samantha Martin and The Haggard were in a fine and harmonious mid-set, with another no-show (from Lauren Mann) swept under the carpet.

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