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Corby's Orbit
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Friday, August 29, 2014

Playlist For 29 August 2014

Host: Paul Corby                         

( brought to you by harrowing heroics, feats of stalking and CNE grandstanding )

5-7 p.m. online and at .  Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

5:00  Sky-Fi On-stereo

Cut Chemist ~  King Kumoniwanaleia ~ Future Primitive @ The Guvernment for Renegades of Rhythm Monday, 1 Sept. with DJ Shadow, Lee Fields & The Expressions.

Bobby Paterson ~ The Entertainer ~ I Got More Soul (Omnivore/ WB) NEW DISK

                                               Sketchbook by 365 Days Of Doodles

*Jaffa Road feat. Aviva Chernick ~ Sim Shalom ~ Where The Light Gets In ~Aviva @ Ashkenaz Festival / Harbourfront Saturday 9 p.m.

*Layah Jane ~ Put Your Foot Down ~ Brightness & Bravery 
Bob Marley ~ Crisis (premix) ~ Kaya ~ Livicated to Uziah "Sticky" Thompson, percussion monarch of reggae (1 August 1936 – 25 August 2014). "Time Cease To Exist In Oneness" ~ Brian Atkinson

5:20  Scar-bados

Elvis Costello ~ Radio Radio ~ This Year's Model

Nico & Vinz ~ Am I Wrong (Felix Zaktaio & Lindh Van Berg Remix)

Wye Oak ~ The Tower ~ Nixon Reissue ~ (Merge)
*The Provincial Archive ~ Common Cards ~ It's All Shaken Wonder NEW DISK

*Bella Clava ~ So Simple ~ The Craic @ Yonge-Dundas Square tonight

Ramones ~ My Back Pages ~ Acid Eaters / Ramonathon @ The Garrison Saturday

*Eamon McGrath ~ Running From The Cops ~ Exile Part ll (Aporia)  NEW DISK @ Bloor/Ossington Folk Festival, Sunday, 21 September 

5:45  Feminisible

*Julie Doiron ~ The Life Of Dreams ~ I Can Wonder What You Did With Your Day
*Evalyn Parry ~ Please Stop Following Me ~ Small Theatres 
*Catherine MacLellan ~ Under The Lindens ~ The Raven's Sun NEW DISK
*Piper Hayes ~ Last Way Home ~ Ain't Nothin Like EP *
*Geoff Berner~ Half-German Girlfriend ~ Klezmer Mongrels @ Harbourfront Saturday 7 p.m.

6:00 Transcriptual
Koola Lobitos ~ High Life Time ~ Finding Fela Sdtrk
Fela Kuti & Egypt 80 ~ Teacher Don't Teach Me Nonsense ~ Finding Fela Sdtrk (School Starts Tuesday)
Donnie McClurkin ~ Victory Chant

6:30 Figmentation

Peter Rowan ~ Illusion's Fool ~ Dharma Blues NEW DISK
Ramblin' Jack Elliott ~ The Sky Above The Mud Below ~The Wounded Heart Of America (Tom Russell Songs) Tom Russell @ Hugh's Room Wednesday, 3 September
Elvin Bishop ~ Let Your Woman Have Her Way ~ Can't Even Do Wrong Right (Alligator) NEW DISK
Le Boeuf Brothers ~ House Without A Door ~ @The Rex Monday / Tuesday Toronto Music Listings Sur Tout
Tim Hardin ~ Don't Make Promises You Can't Keep

Some of my friends sit around every evening
And they worry about the times ahead
But everybody else is overwhelmed by indifference
And the promise of an early bed
You either shut up or get cut up, they don't wanna hear about it
It's only inches on the reel-to-reel
And the radio is in the hands of such a lot of fools
Tryin' to anaesthetise the way that you feel

Radio Radio                         Elvis Costello

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