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Corby's Orbit
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Friday, August 15, 2014

Sunshine Is The Root Of All August

I will be away from the radio show for the next two weeks (Friday the 15th and 22nd) absorbing abundant bundles of lakewater, birdsong and fireflies as the season tapers to a fine paintbrush point.

 If I had been doing a show today, I would certainly be including artists to promote the
                                              SEPTEMBER 14TH date
  for this year’s Toronto Bicycle Music Festival >
The 2014 Tune Your Ride Tour will take four Toronto-based folk musicians, Jessica MooreAbigail Lapell, Ben Hermann and Dana Sipos, from Brockville to Toronto by bicycle. Covering almost 400 kilometres without a support vehicle and carrying their instruments and a full PA with them, these modern-day troubadours will play eight bike-powered concerts in towns  along the route. Launch is at Dufferin Grove Park on Friday, 22 August from 6:30-8:30.

Building on the success of four consecutive years of presenting the Bicycle Music Festival in Toronto, the Tune Your Ride Collective is thrilled to follow in the tire tracks of bicycle-touring legends The Ginger Ninjas and our mentors SHAKE YOUR PEACE! by taking their show on the road with this second annual bike-powered adventure!

I would also be talking up my September art show, The Perception Of Danger at Rebellion Gallery, with a reception on Saturday evening, the 6th of  September featuring a live wild ride with the music of Random Order 

Here's YOUR invitation 

And Canadian musicologists and  fan-beings of a certain intensity
should note that Julie Doiron and the Wooden Stars will be appearing at
The Horseshoe next Thursday, the 21st of August.
Julie has recently gone istar with the song on the 
parenthood ad for iphone >

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