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Corby's Orbit
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Friday, May 8, 2015

In The Thick Of The Canadian Music Week Nebula

This must be Ryan O'Shaughnessy , who presented a sweet and smart set of original ballads and anthems at the Rivoli last night. He will be featured at The Dakota Saturday night, and in Orbit at 5:15. Tune in to hear a live sample, and find out what he really looks like on the radio.
Jen Lane & John Antoniuk, our old Saskatchewan muchachos, are holding down Tuesday nights in the front room of The Cameron House throughout May. They will be all up in the Orbit midflight to sing and bring us some road stories. 

From the other side of the planet: Singapore's DEON, stormed the Cameron House with heartfelt songcraft and impassioned arrangements. They will be performing a rare unplugged set after 6:00 LIVE on air!!! They return to Queen St. W. on the 10th of May to rock the Rivoli.
 Cleo T. from Paris serenaded and stirred up fervid tempests at The Cameron with electronics, shoulder dancing and a strap-on viola.

 Nuclear energy from Ireland's Haresquead who whomped The Rivoli audience into screaming Hell Yeah, Hell Yeah until they really and truly meant it.

Hounds celebrated DINE ALONE RECORDS' 10th anniversary at The Horseshoe by f*cking everyone up. Massively.
...and...on the corner of Queen and Spadina, one of those CMW moments - a girl band, SPARKLE, putting out pure pop spirit with no mics to a crowd of ardent admirers.

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