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Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, May 23, 2015

Playlist For Show Of 22 May

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby

( Brought To You by Raisin' D'ebt, Defacin' Face and Genessee Kwa  )

Dedicated to the memory and the life accomplishment of Rosemary Phelan and Sam Zaman (State Of Bengal)

Guests : Christa Couture and James McKie, John David Williams, Matt Cook, Richard Kott and Chris Weatherstone of Pressgang Mutiny

5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  
Canadians in Asterisk’d RED.

"All my life I've been paying my dues,    Only coz I gamble with so much to lose,

Who am I to say if I'm gonna get away,   Tryin' to make a living not making any pay,

Gotta do what I can to survive,    The music is the only thing keeping me alive." ~ Lindi Ortega

5:00 Invisible Mending

* Lindi Ortega ~ All These Cats / Waitin' On My Luck To Change ~ Tin Star @ CBCMUSIC.CA Festival, Saturday

* Rosemary Phelan ~ Invisible ~ What Sings In The Blood 

* Afiara Quartet & Skratch Bastid ~ Through The Invisible NEW DISK ~ Spin Cycle @ Koerner Hall Saturday

5:10 Talkin' Bout My Genre Asian

* Orchid Ensemble ~ Maqam: Prelude And Dance ~ Sound Of Dragon Festival at Flato Markham Theatre tonight

Asian Dub Foundation feat. State Of Bengal / Sam Zaman (16 April 1965 – 20 May 2015)~ Colour Line ~ DJ Cheb-I-Sabbah's As Far As DJ MIx

* Vandana Vishwas ~ Fagun Ke Din Char ~ Meera / The Lover @ Small World Music Centre, Monday 25 May for Nepal Earthquake Relief Benefit

5:30 Toronto Ethereo

* Joel Plaskett ~ When I Close My Eyes ~ The Park Avenue Sobriety Test NEW DISK  @ Danforth Music Hall tonight and @ CBCMUSIC.CA Festival, Saturday

* Peter Katz ~ We Are The Reckoning ~ We Are The Reckoning NEW DISK  @ Harbourfront Center Friday, 29 May

5:40 Rockin' The Hard Place

Leon Russell ~ Stranded On Easy Street ~ Anything Can Happen ~The Music Of Joe Cocker And Leon Russell @ Hugh's Room Sunday 24 May

Kristi Lane Sinclair ~ Set On ~ Dark Matter NEW DISK  @ The Monarch Tavern Thursday 28 May with The Red Ride Tour
Christa Couture ~ Interview ~ @ The Monarch Tavern Thursday 28 May with The Red Ride Tour

* Bruno Capinan ~ Eu Nao ~ Tudo Esta Dito NEW DISK  @ Lula Lounge Thursday with Mar Aberto Sound System & @ Small World Music Centre 19 June for CD Release

6:00 Country To Popular Belief 

Tommy Emmanuel ~ Tall Fiddler ~ Endless Road ~ @ The Bluma Appel Theatre Tuesday & Wednesday 26 & 27 May

* Guitar Heroes (David Wilcox, James Burton Albert Lee & Amos Garrett) ~ Country Boy ~ Making History NEW DISK (Stony Plain)

Rodney Crowell & Emmylou Harris ~ The Travelling Kind ~ The Travelling Kind  NEW DISK  (Nonesuch)

New Riders Of The Purple Sage ~ Henry ~ Live (1982 / Avenue Records)

* Le Vent Du Nord ~ D'ouest En Est ~ Tetu NEW DISK  (Borealis)

6:15 Shipshape Shifters 

The Celtic Connection ~ South Australia ~ Singalongs And Shanties

* Pressgang Mutiny ~ Billy O'Shea (live) / Interview / Stormalong John (live) / Haul On The Bowline (live) @ The Distillery District Saturday & On Breakfast Television Sunday 9 a.m. Fundraiser House Concert Sunday

6:40 Jazz Of Life

Jake Bergevin ~ I've Grown Accustomed To Her Face ~ Holding Back The Dawn (2008 M'Ocean Records)

* Gruvoria ~ Pollo Quadrado ~ Dirty Fuel @ The Supermarket Thursday 28 May for CD Release

Avi Granite ~ In 4 Scenes ~ 6 Red Tree / @ The Rex tonight / Toronto Music Listings 

Carly Simon ~ Just Like A Woman ~ Chimes Of Freedom ~ Bob Dylan On A Night Like This @ Hugh's Room tonight & Bob Dylan's Birthday Celebration @ C'est What Sunday @ 7 p.m.

"Love Is All. Lights Go On" ~ Rosemary Phelan

Today, the colour line is the power line, is the poverty line
Racism and imperialism work in tandem
And poverty is their handmaid

Those who are poor and powerless to break out of their poverty
Are also those who by and large are non-white, non-western, third world
Poverty and powerlessness are intertwined in color, in race
Discrimination and exploitation feed into each other today
Under global capitalism

We are back to primitive accumulation, plunder on a world scale
Only this time, the pillage is accompanied by aid
Sustained by expert advice and underpinned by programmes
And policies that perpetuate dependency
The IMF, the world bank, structural adjustment programmes
General agreement on tariffs and trade, gatt
Are just a few of the organizations, schemes, projects
Which under the guise of developing the third world, plunder it

Trade agreements and commodity price-fixing
Patents and intellectual property rights
They lock them into paralytic dependency
There is no such thing as illegal immigrants
Only illegal governments

Black is not just the colour of our skins
It's the colour of our politics
There is no such thing as illegal immigrants
Only illegal governments
Today, the colour line is the power line, is the poverty line

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