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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Rich Brown Sounding Out For Freedom and Linda McRae Making Happy Trails

  • Rich Brown will be releasing his third CD, Abeng, this coming Wednesday, October 21
    at 8:30 pm
     at the Lula Lounge 1585 Dundas West 

    with Rich Brown - bass/composition
    Luis Deniz - alto saxophone
    Kevin Turcotte - trumpet
    Stan Fomin - piano & keys
    Larnell Lewis - drums

    He will be playing tracks and talking about this musical watershed at 5:30 in the Orbital Airspace

  • ``Abeng is a Twi word of the Akan people. It, the word and the concept, came from the area now known as Ghana on slave ships to Jamaica. When Africans/Akans ran off plantations, boats, or were left by Spaniard slave masters (defeated by the English) and headed for the hills, they carried the abeng in their hearts and minds. These Africans were now Maroons and fought a series of wars against the English to maintain their freedom.
    The Maroons sounded the abeng as a means of communicating between Maroon villages. It was like sounding off  "the British are coming, the British are coming."
    Because of this, the abeng (in the form of an animal horn or a conch shell), still represents Freedom."
    `Definition courtesy of

    Linda McRae is in town with a brand new disk, Shadow Trails, highlighting her clear-sighted songwriting and action-packed soloing by producer Steve Dawson. Drummer Gary Craig makes every tune a heart-rocker. 

  • Around 6:00. I will be playing a few tracks and talking to her live from the Folk Music Ontario conference, which is currently raging in the west end of Toronto.

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