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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Sue And Dwight ~ Listen ~ For A Moment

In our home and native landscape, where tears have frozen as often as they have fallen, Sue and Dwight Peters know that the pleasures that linger For A Moment are often the best that can be expected.

As casually Canadian as a beer behind the arena or standing in a city queue, arms crossed, freezing, Sue & Dwight, on their newest disk, For A Moment, have written songs about the evanescence of the Canadian continuum. They stubbornly insist on caring about traditions and fancies that have served our national skepto-romanticism through many a personal winter. Dreams that have gloriously unfurled and then cracked into a thousand splinters are the heritage of our culture. You'll recall.

Neil and Joni struggling to maintain their integrity through the cocaine apocalypse of their acolytes in 70's California.

Jack Layton slipping under the plough just before Stephen Harper's round-up and execution of our heirloom principles.

The Robertson Screwdriver.

Examples are quick to rise to our collective consciousness. Sue & Dwight's lyrics invest the particulars of missing the 401 turnoff, or history's quirk of obscuring certain significant human accomplishments, or just the telling glance of a passing stranger with metaphoric reminders of the transience of our best qualities. 

The sincerity of Sue's voice rises again and again on this record against all of the circumstances that frustrate compassion and common sense. It has a classic tone of certain voices that predate modern coolness and cynicism. Dwight's even tenor anchors her intensity in the same way that Ian cradled Sylvia's or Richard Farina counter-balanced the urgency of Mimi Farina's . An assembly of revered Toronto musicians have worked together to provide a quality of jubilation and immediacy to the characterizations of the songs.

Take a moment to ignore your troubles and you'll find an illumination of the spirit in this new and true record of the secret values of our everyday lives.

Sue & Dwight will be linking live into Corby's Orbit this coming Friday 17 June for some musical conversation and performances of songs from their new disk. 

If you are able to attend Saturday's release party, here are the details...
Sat, Jun 18 @ 8 PM (Doors 7:30pm) 
~ Tranzac Club Main Hall, 292 Brunswick Ave. They'll have some light snacks. Should be a fun night!

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