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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Five Years After CKLN.FM's Last Salsa

On Thursday, the 15th of September, 2011, from 8-12:30 at the Imperial Pub(lic) Library

Toronto's unbowed Global Community Radio Station, CKLN.FM,

celebrated and re-cultivated the vigorous continuity of community spirit, 

and the agents of change who successfully carried us through 28 revolutionary years of radio

and forward into the internet radio macrosphere with 
Radio Regent at Regent Park’s Focus studio 24-7.

Musical guests, food and a company of the pre-and post-luminaries of the Toronto

Cosmoscenti coalesced in an historic setting between the past and the future of CKLN.FM.

6:00 Carl the subway sax player / Food and Schmooze
8:00 Awards Ceremony announcing Winners of CKLN.FM's Mad Salutes Awards in Broadcasting and Social Activism 2011
8:30 Qara Clemente poet
8:40 Shaunga Tagore poet

8:50 Murphy Browne

9:00 MC Clifton Joseph
dub poet

9:30 K.C. Roberts
R&B Trio

10:00 Bob Wiseman

10:30 Clara Engel

11:00 Yvette Tollar

11:30 Festivities

 p.s. I won CKLN's Mad Salute Award for playing the most Canadian content on the station.

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