Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Friday, December 16, 2016

Exultational Therapy Friday On Corby's Orbit

Jubilant songsters from Newfoundland Fortunate Ones are sweeping across Ontario with holiday cheer, supporting an EP of  freshly framed Christmas covers and two original tunes called 
All Will Be Well

Fri, Dec 16
Mill’s Hardware, Hamilton, ON ...
Sat, Dec 17
Sun, Dec 18

Newmarket Old Town Hall
London Music Club...
We'll be hearing from Catherine Allan and Andrew O'Brien today at around 5:15.

Melanie Peterson currently has a cool Yule single spreading the sleigh bell spirit. She'll be joining the Orbit with her guitar at 5:30.
 You can also catch her on CP24 Morning in Toronto this Sunday, December 18th where she’ll be performing Santa’s Sleigh live.

Further extra-sensory enjoyments will be emanating upon the dashing arrival of the good Dr. Janowitz (AKA Eric St. Laurent),who will be making a house call around 6 p.m. to share his mutant hybrid musical painkiller
Complete Unabashed Sensual Euphoria

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