Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Heroic Records Of 2016

Illustration by Irik Musin

All this love all this laughter all this music all this time shaped into feelings all this thought all this touring all this weather all this change all this searching all this struggle all these friends all this engagement of soul all this revelation all this spreading all this power all this development of ideas all this rigor all this attunement all this atonement all this concentration all this release.

Thank-you, for all of the above gifts, to all these artists, and many more, who gave us reason to believe in the light of words and the radiance of sounds this year. Bless the brightness that keeps your spirits true.

2016 Juno Nominees highlighted in green.

              Heroic Music Released In 2016
Canadian Artists In Red

Lynn Miles                 Winter  >

Christa Couture    Long Time Leaving

Jordan Klassen    Javelin

Steve Dawson      Solid States & Loose Ends

Danny Michel    Matadora

Lake Street Dive            Side Pony

Liz Stringer              All The Bridges

Louis Simao        A Luz

Sienna Dahlen    Ice Age Paradise >

Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur   Penny’s Farm

Ruben `Beny’ Esguerra      A New Tradition: The Return Of The Kuisi

Paul Reddick     Ride The One >

Turkwaz                  Nazar

A Tribe Called Quest       We Got It From Here…Thank You 4 Your Service

A Tribe Called Red    We Are The Halluci Nation

Chris Velan            Glow

William Prince       Earthly Days

 Tanya Philipovich      Paper Boats >

Iauwata Amha Selassie        Rally

Snaggle    The Long Slog

Small Glories   Wondrous Traveler

Kaytranada     99.9%


Julian Taylor   Desert Star

Park Eddy     Park Eddy


Mike Janzen    Nudging Forever  >

Amanda Tosoff          Words

Anohni             Hopelessness

Matt Patershuk    I Was So Fond Of You

Joanna Chapman – Smith         Elon And the City Of Stone

Coco Love Alcorn     Wonderland  >

Gina Horswood       Porcelain

Maria Dunn      Gathering

Ulrich Taylor Bentall      Tightrope Walk

Jadea Kelly     Love & Lust

 David Vest      Devestatin’ Rhythm >

Sienna Dahlen & Joel Miller            Dream Cassette

Yoser Rodriguez   Pollen

Ron Hynes      Later That Same Life

Big Little Lions     Just Keep Moving

Tara Williamson    Songs To Keep Us Warm >

Jen Lane     This Life Of Mine

Ten Strings And A Goatskin     
                                 Auprès du Poêle  

Al Tuck     Fair Country  

Oh Pep!     Stadium Cake

Corin Raymond    Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams

Kaia Kater   Nine Pin >

God Don’t Never Change: The Songs Of Blind Willie Johnson (Alligator)

Countermeasure       Made To Measure

Chloe Charles       With Blindfolds On


  1. Thanks so much Paul - your support of our artists is much appreciated - bring on 2017!!

  2. Thanks a bunch, Paul! May the muse be with us all, always! Happy Holidays :)