Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Virtue Of Oh-So-Instro Mentalities.

This Friday, the Orbit welcomes Toronto's Christine Bougiewho ignites the stage with her lap steel mastery in a vast range of artistic contexts. Every once in awhile, she takes time to record her own solo compositions, and this spring, along comes

 Whistle Up A World’, which releases next Wednesday, 17 May at Burdock.  She will be whirling into the Orbit with some of this new music at 5:30.

This month's Whole Note cover girl Amely Zhou will be on board at 6:00 to talk about her role playing the erhu, a bowed two-string zither at World Fiddle Day, which is being celebrated at the AGA KHAN Museum all day Saturday.

...and calling in from a nearby nebula, we'll hook up with piano luminoso John Stetch, who is heading this way astride his new full-band release Vulneraville. He will be beaming on at 6:30 to prep us for his show at The Rex on Saturday, the 13th of May.

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