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Corby's Orbit
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Monday, December 18, 2017

The Best And Most Refreshing Music Of 2017

Here are my selections of 2017's top musical excellences. 
As heard and shared on
 Corby's Orbit
this year, these are the 50 I've played the most, on air for friends, and at home.

We've been riding the internet radio revolution since the reactionary 2011 overthrow of CKLN.88.1FM,   
feeling a feverish allegiance to - and an alignment with - the creative (and mostly Canadian) 
sounds still emanating from the marvelous maverick musos and fearless lyricists amongst us. 

I shall continue weekly experiments in the juxtaposition of classics and new independent outcroppings of song on 
Radio Regent 
in Toronto, every Friday night forward,
 from five til seven 
- moving and shaking -
-dreaming dreams -
going round and round
forever it seems.

Canadians in red                              

Alejandra Ribera           This Island

Marito Marques             Na Eira

Kayla Luky                    Back To Dirt

Alex Cuba                     Lo Unico Constante

Adrian Miller                  Mother Earth

Feist                                Pleasure

Various Artists                The Songs Of Tony                                                      Quarrington

Red Baraat                      Bhangra Pirates

Denielle Bassels              What About Wool                                                         Wishbags

Zeynep Ozbilen                Zest

Valerie June                      The Order Of Time

The Eisenhauers                The Road We Once                                                                Knew

Julia Holter                        In The Same Room

The Wilderness Of Manitoba   Across The Dark

Hilario Duran                     Contumbao

Terra Lightfoot                    New Mistakes

David Myles                       Real Love

Kevin Breit     Johnny Goldtooth & The Chevy                                                            Casanovas

Eliana Cuevas                      Golpes Y Flores

Kim Beggs                            Said Little Sparrow

Julie Doiron       Julie & The Wrong Guys

Minor Empire    Uprooted

John Stetch    Vulneraville / The Vancouver Concert

Heavy Bell         By Grand Central Station

Braden Gates    Much Rather Be Sleeping

Colin Stetson    All This I Do 
                           For Glory

Mario Romano  Fenyrose

Matt Patershuk  Same As I 
                   Ever Have Been

Lorde               Melodrama

Trad Attack     “AH!”

Kat Goldman  The Workingman’s 

The Willows   Tea For Three

The Achromatics  Give Me 
                             That Beat
So Long Seven    Kala Kalo

Ron Sexsmith  The Last Rider

Elvin Bishop    Big Fun Trio

The Weather Station  The Weather

Chronixx  Chronology

Sarah Jane Scouten  When The 
Bloom Falls From The Rose

Oh Susanna   A Girl In Teen City

Abigail Lapell   Hide Nor hair

Zamunda         Scripts and Scrolls

Home Free   Timeless

Coldjack   Spitfire Angels

Minotaurs   AUM

Christine Bougie    Whistle 
                         Up A World

Selwyn Birchwood   Pick Your

Mark Kelso`s Jazz Exiles   Elementals

Chris Ronald  Fragments

Maestro Fresh Wes   Coach Fresh

"For each age is a dream that is dying,
Or one that is coming to birth." 




And Epic E.P.s: 

Ann Vriend                               Anybody's Different
Iman & The Wasted La-La's    
                                                 Home Is Where My Feet Are
Tasha T.                                   Hot  New Singles
Lily Frost                                  Rebound
Richie Flo                                Life, Love & Music 
Melanie Peterson                    Refresher Vol 1
Lenka Lichtenberg and Eccodeck as Lenkkodek                                                                      Open Your Ears

I hope you feel inspired to listen up to 
some of these fine recordings. 
Merry Christmas, and the best wishes of the season 
to all, worldwide, within the Orbital range.
~ Corby ~


  1. thank you Paul! I am honoured to be on your list!

  2. Hey Paul, thanks for the shout out - much appreciated. All the best of the season to you. Cheers, MK

  3. Thanks so much for all of your support! Looking forward to going through the list and discovering some wonderful new music and talent <3 Much love & appreciation, Iman (& the Wasted LaLa's)