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Corby's Orbit
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Friday, March 23, 2018

Taiko Blues and Groupes Nombreuses

Fans from Toronto of modern Québecois music will be able to catch two bands with fresh CD releases previewing on the Orbit today, and then live later tonight, Friday, March 23rd in a double bill show at  Hugh's Room. 

Lead Maz-Man Marc Maziade will be calling at 5:30 to talk about MAZ who will be presenting their new album ID. 

Chanteuse hanteuse Beatrix Méthé will be calling up at 6:30 as hert band,Les Poules À Colin, are ALSO presenting their new album, MOROSE this evening. Un spectacle formidable.

In between the phoners, Ken Yoshioka will be appearing at 6:00 to talk about the innovative synthesis of taiko drumming and blues that he will be a part of tomorrow night at Harbourfront's Brigantine Room. Styles for miles.
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