Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Orbiting with Wax Mannequin and Elizabeth Shepherd's Parkdale: A Reinvention Crew

Canadian songwriter Wax Mannequin, also known as Chris Adeney, from Hamilton, will be my guest today, as he preps for his CD release party at 10:00 Saturday evening at The Rivoli and for a summer tour which will take him to the west coast and back.

Exclaim Magazine avers that he " has found beautiful cohesion between his quirky avant-pop past and his burgeoning maturity as a thoughtful folk troubadour on his seventh album, Have A New Name." Always evolving, you can track his trajectory today on the Orbit at 5:30.
Jocelyn Barth rehearsing an Elizabeth Shepherd tune with the Parkdale Reinvention Band

And at 6:00, I will be welcoming musical guests from Parkdale: A Reinvention, this Sunday's early evening Gladstone Hotel concert, celebrating the tenth anniversary of Elizabeth Shepherd's 2008 album, and, coincidentally, the tenth anniversary of Corby's Orbit. 
                                        Be so there!

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