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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Denielle Bassels' Thoughts On Elizabeth Shepherd

Denielle Bassels will be closing the vocalist portion of the show at the Parkdale: A Reinvention concert this Sunday with Elizabeth's haunting song Next Time Round
Denielle has ths to say:

“Parkdale" is a beautiful homage to a part of town that I am so familiar with. Hearing Elizabeth Shepherd struck me in a whole new way. Never since Nina Simone have I seen a woman in Jazz so masterful in their compositions. Her rhythms and harmonies are complex without feeling contrived and her compositions are all at once intelligent, raw, and transparent. Her voice is ethereal yet approachable, she speaks to you. For me, I hear that it is alright to be vulnerable and masterful at once. She brings a whole new light to being a female in jazz today.

Beginning at 7:00 in the air-conditioned Gladstone Ballroom, the entire 2008 album will be represented live by the combined efforts of Radio Regent's Corby's Orbit show and the Gladstone Hotel. Tickets and info at Advance Tickets for Parkdale: A Reinvention

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