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Corby's Orbit
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Monday, December 9, 2019

Listening Up ~ These Are My 50 Most Favourite Records of 2019

Those who humble themselves to the lifetime discipline of musical communication have brought so much into my life this year, but these fifty are the special ones that have found room to grow between my ears, and to roam about on my personal astral terrain. Keep listening up. Carry the fire.

Karin Plato      This Could Be The One

Jim Brennan Eleven    Eleven Eleven

Waahli                         Black Soap

Abigail Lapell             Getaway

Dave Gunning            Up Against The Sky

Logan McKillop          Anchorless

D’arcy Wickham         Signal Hill

Patrice Jégou              If It Ain’t Love

Tom Wilson                Mohawk

Meg Tennant             Echoed Light

Shari Ulrich   Back To Shore

T. Nile   Beachfires

Nomadic Massive     Times

James Gordon    The Heritage Hall Sessions

Al Qahwa  Cairo Moon

Jon Brooks     Moth Nor Rust ll

OKAN     Sombras

Corin Raymond      Dirty Mansions

J.P. Mortier   Nation Of Iron

Dayna Manning     Morning Light

Chelsea McBride’s Socialist Night School    Aftermath

Mike Janzen    Lent  

Jason Wilson       Sumach Roots

Bywater Call       Bywater Call

April Verch     Once A Day

Sam Wilson  Groundless 

Dominique Fils-Aimé    
Stay Tuned

West My Friend    
In Constellation

Charlotte Cornfield  The 
Shape Of Your Name

Chain Mail    
The Psychedelic Suite

Alex Fournier    Triio

Tara Kannangara   It’s 
Not Mine Anymore

Alex Cuba    Sublime

Coco Love Alcorn      

Aviva Chernick    
La Serena

Big Little Lions     
Inside Voice

Aaron Dolman Nostalgia 
 & Other Fantasies

The New Customs     
Selling Religion on 
Government Street

Graham Lindsey 

Aphrose        Element

Sarah Jane Scouten   

Jerry Leger Time Out 
For Tomorrow

Silla + Rise 
Galactic Gala

Ariana Gillis   The Maze

Tertio  La Mince Ligne

Christine Bougie  
Love Songs 
With The Queer 
Songbook Orchestra

Rick Estrin & The Nightcats  Contemporary

Valérie Ékoumè  Kwin Na Kinguè

Cinematic Orchestra  To Believe

Dawn Drake        Nightshade  


  1. thanks for your continued and invaluable support on behalf of the artists with whom I work

  2. Thank you Paul! We are honoured to have The New Customs on such a fine list.

  3. Paul, you're simply the best - thank you for what you do and for including me on this great list!

  4. Awww...I am SO HONOURED!!! Loved our time together this summer!
    Thanks Paul!

  5. Thank you Paul - you are such an awesome person and I’m grateful for your support of music - honoured to be on this list :)