Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
Listening in All the High Places illustration by John Kricfalusi

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Joe Hall in Orbit - Memorial Celebration Broadcast

Set the Zambonis on STUN. 
This Friday, in honour of the one-year anniversary of his physical abdication, Corby's Orbit will present two hours of mind-grilling, hair-chilling, drink-spilling tales of, and tributes to, Canadian singer-songwriter Joe Hall (born Hans Joachim Boenke, May 15, 1947 – March 22, 2019), recorded live on 17 May 2019, by George Dobo, two days before what would have been his 72nd birthday.
Thanks, endlessly, to The Tranzac Club.
You will hear:

Harvey Glatt - Booking Agent and Mentor 
Stuart Laughton & Wally Brooker 
 Jaymz Bee

 Scott B.
Tony Quarrington
Joe`s Daughter Chandra Corriveau

 Sebastian Agnello

Joe`s Son Morgan Hall-Boenke

Rebecca Campbell


  1. Will be listening from Vancouver... Cool to see that poster again... That's Joe on my front porch with Malcolm Lowry's ukulele.

    Wishing everybody better days...
    Roger Brant

  2. I have no idea why this thing named me Waterboy! But hey, why not

    1. FYI:

  3. P.S.