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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Nightlosers Vampire Blues

"In Bucharest, with a few hours to kill, we found a big music shop.
They had five copies. I bought two. When we got back, I hit the internet
in the hope of contacting the band. To the strains of "Pretty Thing"
(played with a rumba beat) and "Stormy Monday Blues" (given a slinky
cowboy feel) I located a site that told me Nightlosers had hardly ever left
Transylvania, just making it to a festival in Budapest once. Unfortunately,
their e-mail didn't work. So here am I with one of the weirdest, most beguiling
CDs of music I've ever heard and I can't tell the group they've now made the
papers in Britain. But one thing I know for sure: put them on at the next Meltdown
series and they'll steal the show." -THE INDEPENDENT UK
Even Transylvanians get the bluesNightlosers
Tonight Thurs Jan 7 @ Lee's Palace
doors 8pm - 2 sets - no support
Tix @ ROTATE THIS, CIRCUS BOOKS & MUSIC (Danforth @ Jones)
and and the door

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