Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
Listening in All the High Places illustration by John Kricfalusi

Thursday, January 7, 2010

“We live lives based upon selected fictions. Our view of reality is conditioned by our position in space and time – not by our personalities as we like to think. Thus every interpretation of reality is based upon a unique position. Two paces east or west and the whole picture is changed.”
Lawrence Durrell

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  1. Yay Rawkets!!!! : )

    Just to let you kniow, I come here for a nice break .. a slip into an artsy, cultural, sometimes bizarre and wacky change of pace.. its been over 24 hours now I think.. I am needing a fix
    Helloo???!!!! more, more....

    ps I enjoyed the rawkets yesterday too.. it'll be nice when there is a big accumulation of posts to pour back through
    ; )
    But I know what to expect here!!