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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, June 29, 2017

A June Of Tunes: The Toronto Culture Is Hot Like A Shot

Baque De Bamba, Broken Dance, Drum Fest, Winter Garden Orchestra and NXNE. All melter, no swelter.
The summer high places are already filling up with dancers and drums, so while the sun and the skeeters are withholding their sting, I've been venturing out into the musical thick of things.
Above: Aline Morales and Baque De Bam  
and Below: Broken Dance at East York Cultural Hotspot Launch 

Okavango with Donne Roberts and Tich Maredza at Koerner Hall's 2018 Season Launch on the left and Muhtadi Drum Fest bringing the thunder on the right. Below, at the drum fest, Dave Hynes' Conundrum had the actual fundamentals of the day vibrating to epic pulse jams.

 The Winter Garden Orchestra excels in time travel, taking their audience back a hundred years or so.
Settings range from gay Paree to ragingly dark Berlin sturm und tango.
The Berkeley Bicycle Club's Monday night jazz scenario fit their style to a modern model "T".
 And , yes. There WAS Charleston.

A panel of authorities illuminated from from the inside the vectors that make Toronto music rotate and spiral. At The Great Hall's Futureland Business Or Pleasure symposium, host Sacha Miller attempted to discover from CBC's Raina Douris, Monique Barbieri and Weaves' Jasmyn Burke what is the deal with making money in music? The answer seems to be proceed step-by-step to the goal(s).

And at NXNE's bugless breezy brilliant Port Lands performance area Saturday, all honk was breaking loose with rocking appetizers Son Little, (below)

MUNA (left) and Bleachers...

followed by arch DJ's Tinie Tempah and Kaytranada.
All big music.

And summer only just started!

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