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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

God Loves Everyone ~ Canada's 150th Birthday ~ Our 17 Greatest Songs ~ Fourteenth Post

Ron Sexsmith writes songs with a profound compassion and a rigor of description akin to the talents of great short story writers. The gregarious melodies that he hangs his words on lighten the impact of the simple truths with which he frequently pierces himself and his characters. 

Cobblestone Runway, Ron's sixth studio album, from 2002, contains some of his most sincere pathos and his most succinctly stated assertions of faith. Standing out from his musings on the nature of love is one hymn full of adoration for a universal spirituality. God Loves Everyone speaks of the oneness of a benevolent spirit. Only an enlightened Canadian could have written this song. It negates the dualities of European theology and mediates issues that trials and wars have forever raged over, historically and to this day.

Inspired by the brutal murder of gay Wyoming student Matthew Shepard, and galvanized by the intensity of personal heartbreak that Sexsmith had recently experienced, it makes a clear case for living in the confidence that you are the best judge of your own life, free of the fear of consequences from traditional paternalistic god/devil misbeliefs.

 A blessing by songcraft. Unconditionally.

* Ron Sexsmith will be singing with the T.S.O. at Toronto's Nathan Phillips Square on Canada Day

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