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Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, December 15, 2018

Favourite New Songs of 2018

Ever notice that after the morning coffee and the emails, it sometimes still takes a good piece of music to actually wake you up? Weaving through the day, I will find myself with that deep luxurious wave that a good song provides rolling in my throat at the curve the bow takes against the fiddle, or at the way that song-lady intends some gracious word or thought to be taken.
Here are a few such memorable moments from my past year.

Jadea Kelly I Beauty co-write with Peter Katz

Big Little Lions ~ Alive and Well 

Kids On The Run   Kalle Mattson  from   Youth 

Work It Out   single  by   The Memberz 

A Universe  by  Chloe Watkinson

Roi  by  Georgian Bay  from Soleil

Bad Bad News   by  Leon Bridges  from Good Thing

Song Of The Mournful World   by   Jon Brooks  from No One Travels Alone

Do Whatever The Heck You Want  by  Rae Spoon from bodiesofwater

She Gets Her Courage From Alcohol  from Wilderness Years by Jory Nash

Bedouin by Romina Di Gasbarro from Risorgimento

Send Your Angels Down by Jenie Thai from Night On Fire

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