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Corby's Orbit
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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

The 2018 Orbital Celebration Of This Year's Top 50 Musical Over-Achievers

My personal pick of new album arrivals this year.

The LYNNeS  (ON)   Heartbreak Song For The Radio

Brenda Navarrette    (CUBA)    Mi Mundo

Jason Buie   (ON)  Driftin’ Heart

Collette Savard & The Savants (ON)

Corey Gulkin   (PQ)  All The Things I’ll Forget

Les Poules À Colin  (PQ)   Morose

Alex St. Kitts   (ON)  The Projektor

Dan MacDonald  (ON/NS)    Rural / Urban

Raine Hamilton   (ON)  Night Sky

Willard Bond   (ON) Jiggery Pokery


Ronley Teper & Her Lipliners  (ON)   The Game

Bettye Lavette (US) Things Have Changed

Tragedy Ann (ON) Matches

Marie Goudy 12Tet feat. Jocelyn Barth (ON)The Bitter Suite

The Ennis Sisters (NF) Keeping Time

Jon Brooks (ON)  No One Travels Alone

Great Lake Swimmers (ON) The Waves The Wake

Pharis & Jason Romero (BC) Sweet Old Religion

Kellie Loder (NL) Benefit Of The Doubt

The Tiki Collective  (ON)  MUSE

Hannah Sanders & Ben Savage  (UK)  Awake

Leon Bridges  (TX) Good Times

Kalle Mattson  (ON)   Youth

Kaia Kater  (PQ)  Grenades

Outside I’m A Giant  (PQ)  Point Comfort


Georgian Bay  (PQ)  
Courage  (Soleil / Moon)

Madeleine Roger (MB)

La Suite   (PQ)  Inventions 
Pour Deux Violoneux

Cindy Doire (ON) 

Jeff LaRochelle (ON)
Lenses Extend

Steven Taetz (ON) 
Drink You In

Jean-Francoise Belanger  (PQ) 
Les Entrailles De 
La Montagne   

Mike Field  (ON) True Stories

Elizabeth Shepherd   
(PQ) MONtreal

The Al Purdy Songbook (ON)  Various Artists

Judy Brown  (BC)  Say It

Romina Di Gasbarro    
(ON) Risorgimento

Jeremy Dutcher   

Bellegarde (PQ)   
Anba Tonel

Dana Sipos (ON)  
Trick Of The 

Doug Paisley (ON) 
Starter Home

Lucinda Williams & Charles Lloyd 
with The Marvels (USA) Vanished Gardens

The Long War (BC)   

Chloe Charles / Echlo  
(ON) Echolocation

The O’Pears  (ON)  
Stay Warm

Northern Haze 
(NU) Siqinnaarut

Melanie Brulee (ON) Fires, 
Floods& Things 
We Left Behind

Aaron Schragge & Ben Monder   
(NY) This World Of Dew

Aasiva (NU)

David McEathron  (ON)
Abandoned Companions
 & The Abandoned 
 Companions Companion 


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