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Friday, March 12, 2010

Music Changes Everything : Friday March 12 Transubstantiation

Dears: Canadian Music Fest is transforming the city into a tuneswept wilderness of moans and wails and lyrical forests and beat-battered shores. Awash with sonic splash, the Orbit takes on all available hands. Soozi from Betty & the Bobs and Swamperella beamed up first with an intense a capella Peter Pan. Jory Nash came in to Simonize us in support of the tribute show, 50 Ways To Love Paul Simon, at Hugh's Room tonight. Poet James Strecker, who is part of Elizabeth Shepherd's gig at Glenn Gould Studio Saturday night was up at the crack of noon to read from his jazz book Black;
"We are not fools who take our singing for
granted, lest we talk of only the weather and
then we die. Each day we measure our steps
with music and open our hearts before one another".
Ruth Minnikin from Halifax and, once ago, The Guthries came in at 1:00, supporting a great new record, Depend On This. Good words and brave notes. We heard David Dacks, around 1:30, the Groove editor ( what a great job description) for EXCLAIM with samples from his CMF showcase coming up on Sat Mar 13. Huelepega Soundsystem is a really neat livetronica cumbia/dub fusion project that features David and Sergio Elmir from CIUT on the decks and LARRA SKYE, VANESS ALEGASSI, FREEMAN DRE & THE KITCHEN PARTY, and MELTING POT.

I was at Lee's for Speech Debelle last night; she makes a lot of sense, very rapidly, with a lot of detail and truth. Wouldn't let Toronto be Toronto. There was a west-end T.O. 'tronica duo, too, that was very beautiful, with thoughtful lyrics and strange bubble rhythms, called the New Look. Loud intimacy...And Neon Indian really got the crowd excited; a young (19) singer with a roaring band and a table full of computers that he rode like a keyboard.
Tell Everybody: you guys GOTZ to see The Wheat Pool at the Cadillac Lounge on the last Tuesday of this month (March 30)...Hauntario is the record, classic for life.
See ya in the CyKLoNe, transmogrifying, transubstantiating and transploring the munificence.
Happy Irish New Year!

old man leudecke lass vicious black hen black hen11:03

yukon blonde TRIVIAL FIRES YUKON BLONDE bumstead 11:07

ruth minnikin sleeping and dreaming depend on this ruth 11:11

sonny and cher it's gonna rain look at us atco 11:16

soozi peter pan live in orbit 11:22

the rural alberta advantage Edmonton hometowns theraa 11:28

jeff bridges fallin' and flyin' crazy heart sdtrk fox searchlight 11:32

rachelle van zanten my country where your garden grows RvZ 11:37

monkey junk beefy beefy beefy 11:42

lightning Hopkins once a gambler crazy heart sdtrk new west 11:48

james steckler readings from black live studio 11:53

elizabeth shepherd one more day heavy falls the night do-right 11:59

beautiful nubia revolution time irinajo eni obanke 12:04

fred Hammond i know what he's done love unstoppable verity 12:08

melanie Fiona sad songs the bridge universal 12:12

delhi to Dublin celtic dub delhi 2 dublin turner 12:17

sissel and the chieftains siuil a run tears of stone rca 12:22

kate rusby purple heather awkward annie pure 12:28

russell gunn he critic's song ethnomusicology justin time 12:33

michael buble the maple leaf forever sounds of vancouver 2010 emi 12:38


RUTH MINNIKIN depend on this/ interview / animals of bremen / live

depend on this rm 1:04

dan mangan tina's glorious comeback nice, nice, very nice fu:m 1:22 Y

huelapega soundsystem mix / interview 1:30

1:45 John Wort Hannan with the grain queen's hotel 1:45

children collide chosen armies the long now universal 1:50

BEATLES across the universe LET IT BE....NAKED emi 1:55

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