Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wonder in Corbyland

Well the Orbital module was jammed up on the 5th. Ordered up an extra keg of oxygen for an interview with Todd Brown, programmer for the Canadian Music Week Film Festival at 11:30, transformative song voyager Tanya Philipovitch riding in with live songs from her Secret Fiction Romance disk at 12:30, and late- rising but luminous Elizabeth Shepherd, beaming in flashdark-style to present and discuss some new tunes from Heavy Falls The Night. Wonder abode:

Playlist crucial as usual
robert smith very good advice almost alice buena vista 11:02

the miles can i speak to Shawna blood on the blazer miles 11:05

K-os burning bridges yes remixed indobo 11:11

Melanie Fiona cry baby the bridge universal 11:15

melanie doane adam's rib adam's rib sony 11:19

matisyahu for you light sony 11:23

tony gits ghetto people long journey tg 11:27

kate rusby planets awkward annie pure 11:33

todd brown interview cmw film programme 11:36

r.e.m. #9 DREAM instant karma amnesty international 11:42

cfcf come closer continent paper bag 11:48

huun huur tu ancestors call eternal electrotone 11:57

massive attack paradise circus heligoland virgin 12:02

tanya philipovich secret fiction romance / interview / secret fiction romance

doin' time12:06

darkmean happy banjo franken cottage vibewrangler12:28

the beige the exterminating angel el angel exterminador beige 12:33 ghostkeeper like moose do ghostkeeper flemish eye 12:37

language arts cough drop where were you in the wild l-a 12:42

postdata tobias grey postdata emi 12:47

zeus the renegade say us arts & crafts 12:53

jason collett lake superior rat a tat tat arts & CRAFTS 12:57

the monotones the book of love rock n roll era time / life 1:01

hot hot heat track 1 1:05

A.R RAHMAN & alka yagnik ringa ringa slumdog millionaire fox searchlight 1:11

jimmy rogers act like you love me the complete chess recordings chess1:17

otis rush my love will never die mourning in the morning atco 1:22

dinah Washington no more dinah jams polygram 1:27

mel keith you're not here ..and the strombachs merle song 1:32

elizabeth shepherd a song for dinah washington / interview / the taking

heavy falls the night do-right 1:37

toshiko akioshi Santa Barbara ...modern jazz denon 1:55

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