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Corby's Orbit
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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Perpetual Music ~ Best That I Heard In 2014

This colourful piece painted by famous Mstera artist Daniil Molodkin

I don’t hear everything, but of the ten disks a week that I DO latch onto, these fifty have given me good reason to dig and dig again -  for certain feels ~ to renew, to review and to recommend. Mostly Canadian. Feels so good.

My 50 Most Adored and Played Albums of 2014
in Orbital Concentric Sequence

Deleted Scenes    Lithium Burn    (Nevado)
Skindred      Kill The Power   (Red River)
Sunparlour Players     The Living Proof
Alejandra Ribera     La Boca
Quique Escamilla    500 Years Of Night

Shari Ulrich      Everywhere I Go
Dodos            Carrier
Keiffer McLean        Drama In The Attic
Beck           Morning Phase
Brody Dalle        Diploid Love

Jasmine Netsena      Take You With Me
The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer   
                                     A Real Fine Mess
Ann Vriend    For The People In The Meantime
VA     Bootlegger’s Legacy      Live From Dollar Bill’s  
Jenny Lewis     The Voyager

Megan Bonnell           Hunt And Chase
Fela Kuti          Finding Fela Soundtrack
Peter Rowan       Dharma Blues    (Omnivore)
MTT       Years From Now   (Fishermann Records)
Poor Angus        Gathering       (Borealis)

Julian Taylor                Tech Noir
Joel Johnson               Blues Joose  vol..II
Jadea Kelly                  Clover
Lizzy Hoyt                New Lady On The Prairie
James Hill                The Old Silo

Sarah Jane Scouten     The Cape
Jane Bunnett & Maqueque       Maqueque
Elizabeth Shepherd    The Signal
The Slim City Pickers    The Slim City Pickers
Del Barber Prairieography

Reuben And The Dark    Funeral Sky
Rory Block      Hard Luck Child
Buffy & Larry   Surrounded
Oh Susanna       Name Dropper
Eric Bibb       Blues People

Indian City            Colors
Amelia Curran   They Promised You Mercy
Kacy & Clayton    The Day  Is Past & Gone
Linda McRea        Fifty Shades Of Red
West My Friend   When The Ink Dries

Plumes Ensemble   Folk Songs And Future Loves
Lynn Miles       Black Flowers vol. 4
J.P. Mortier       Songs Of Love And Despair
Monsoon      Mandala
Adonis Puentes & Pancho Amat     Veinte Anos


 Fish & Bird    Something In The Ether
Emm Gryner       Torrential
Billy Childs   Map To The Treasure: Reimagining Laura Nyro
Ladies In Waiting      Jingle Ma Belle
Boreal          Winter’s Welcome

Epic EP s:  Tara Williamson      ndn summer
Heavyweights Brass Band  Brasstronomical
Jen & John       Jen Lane & John Antoniuk

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