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Corby's Orbit
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Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Live Giveaway - Corby's Orbit CD Handout

Whereupon the 15th year of the new millennium passes, carrying disasters, epiphanies, heartaches and handshakes away in its slipstream... but leaving behind a wealth of music at the sluice gate.
Corby's Orbit has had a lot of opportune tunage slide by over the last year and I've already named my favourites here >>>

Since you all have, evidently,strong critical mindsets and appreciably forceful opinions, I am seeking personal opinions about your favourite ten releases of 2015. (Jon Brooks , Catherine McLellan and Amelia Curran are ALL 2014 releases, just btw).

In return, one of your lists, chosen for degree of equanimity / obsession will receive ten of my favourite recent releases in the mail. We are talking the following: 

Skratch Bastid & The Afiaria String Quartet   Spin Cycle  (unprecedented interactive hip-hop / classical blending) 

Cecile McLorin Salvant    For One To Love (genius singing and arranging from the next Grammy winner in the Jazz Vocal category) 
Anne Lindsay  Soloworks (impeccable and fascinating personal best statement from the outstanding violinist) 

The Kentucky Headhunters feat. Johnnie Johnson   Meet Me In Bluesland (The rocking southerners absorb and magnify the verve of the piano player who partnered with the classic work of Chuck Berry)  

Rich Brown & The Abeng      Abeng ( Toronto's greatest  jazz rhythm section advances a statement of strength and unity with a set of original and daring compositions)

Retrocity   Mixtape ( Cream of the crop amongst Toronto singers join forces to re-imagine a perfect selection of eighties hits with the highest standards of musicality)  

Shemekiah Copeland     Outskirts Of Love (Blues princess returns to the Alligator label ready to rule with high gloss electric blues and clever songwriting)  

Joel Plaskett    The Park Avenue Sobriety Test (A showcase for the whimsy and critical depth of the Maritimes' greatest rocker)  

Myriam Alter    Cross / Ways (Multi-disciplinary composer has assembled a crew of savvy experts to bring her modern classics to life)  

Jack Marks     Wicked Moon (Real story-telling folk songs with all the conversational intimacy of your last text)

Just reply in the comments section of this post >>>  Deets to be arranged privately.

Have a major New Year everyone.


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