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Corby's Orbit
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Monday, December 14, 2015

Infra-terrestrially Preferred Records 2015 From Corby’s Orbit on Radio Regent

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I don't listen to everything, but I listen to a lot. Generous people that I know draw me to certain music and sometimes I can hear it and sometimes I can only listen. 

If I miss it the first time, I go back later and sometimes the time spent  becomes radiant ( or darker) with meaning. The subtleties are more often revealed in the light of their solidarity with the overall binding concept than in the topic bubbles of the lyrics.

Often musicians are doing way more in live performance than in the recording studio. I will come home to hear a disk with only traces of what I have just witnessed at a live show. 

My favourites listed here, in no set order of preference, are all recent occasions when the artists and recordists have transcended the demands of  the marketplace and provided us with portals into the gleams and beams of reference that they have personally established within the aurora of music.

I've left out Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Bjork and others whose labours are so highly admirable that Rolling Fork and Pitchstone will be elevating them amply enough.

Canadian Artists written in red.

Yellow highlighted disks are available to you as prizes if you will just list your top ten albums of 2015 in the comments section of this post.
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The Bombadils        Grassy Roads, Wandering Feet

Bomba Estereo  Amenecer

Gray Matter    Footsteps

Terra Lightfoot    Every Time My Mind Runs Wild

Anne Lindsay          Soloworks

Daymé Arocena  Nueva Era

Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld   Never Were The Way She Was

Jack Marks     Wicked Moon

Buffy Ste.-Marie    Power In The Blood

Shemekiah Copeland     Outskirts Of Love


Cecile McLorin Salvant    For One To Love
The Good Lovelies   Burn The Plan

Braids     Deep In The Iris

Alicia Hansen & Ben Brown     Companion




Jennifer Castle    Pink City

Leaf Rapids       Lucky Stars

Liz Stringer      Warm In The Darkness

The Punch Brothers   The Phosphorescent Blues

Tara Kannangara         
Some Version Of The Truth


D’Angelo and the Vanguard     Black Messiah
Fortunate Ones    The Bliss

Mimi Oz      Men Who Never Loved Me

Tracy McNeil      Nobody Ever Leaves

Lindi Ortega    Faded Gloryville

Joel Plaskett    
 The Park Avenue Sobriety

Pharis & Jason Romero  
 A Wanderer I’ll Stay

Peter Katz   We Are The Reckoning

Sam Outlaw    Angeleno

Kristi Lane Sinclair   Dark Matter

Fraser & Girard       Fraser & Girard

Jayme Stone’s Lomax Project

Gordie Tentrees   Less Is More

Skratch Bastid & The Afiaria String Quartet   Spin Cycle

Frank Turner      Positive Songs For Negative People


Tara Holloway       Little Ghosts

The Visit      Through Darkness Into Light

Gary & Whit       Matches

Rich Brown & The Abeng      Abeng

Mariza    Mundo


Matthew Byrne    Hearts And Heroes

Daniela Nardi     Canto

Dana Sipos    Roll Up The Night Sky

The Kentucky Headhunters feat. Johnnie Johnson   Meet Me In Bluesland

Sarah MacDougall   Grand Canyon


Trent Severn    Trillium

Big Little Lions   A Little Frayed, A Little Torn

Brother Strut    First Strut Is The Deepest

Leon Bridges      Coming Home

Myriam Alter    Cross / Ways

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