Corby's Orbit

Corby's Orbit
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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Playlist for December 18 - Final Show of 2015

Commissioner of Selection: Paul Corby

( Brought To You by Saturnalia Claus, Yule Benders and Advent Ages )

5-7 p.m. Fridays online and at .  

Canadians in Asterisk’d RED. 

5:00 Flutation Devices

B.O.B. feat. Morgan Freeman ~ Bombs Away ~ Strange Clouds

* Paul Horn ~ God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen ~ The Peace Album

* Fortunate Ones ~ There Will Be A Light ~ The Bliss ~@ Jane Mallett Theatre Saturday for An East Coast Christmas

* Jennifer Castle ~ Sparta ~ Pink City ~@ The Horseshoe Monday, 22 December

5:20 Glimmersticks

* CATL ~ Church On Time ~ With The Lord
For Cowards You Will Find No Place

The Rolling Stones ~ Casino Boogie ~ Exile On Main Street ~ Performed live @ The Silver Dollar tonight (Keith Richards' birthday today)

The Staple Singers ~ The Virgin Mary Had One Son ~ A Gospel Christmas Card

Shemekiah Copeland ~ Lord Help The Poor And Needy ~ Outskirts Of Love 

Rhinoceros ~ Belbuekus ~ Rhinoceros

5:40 What Doesn't Kill You Only Makes You A Songwriter

* James Bruce Moore ~ Sigh Unto The Universe / Lovin' ~ Soul's Journey Home NEW DISK

* Lynn Miles ~ Party Too Late ~ Downpour ~@ Isabel Bader Theatre tonight

* Rose Cousins ~ I Were The Bird ~ The Send Off

* Ron Hynes ~ The Final Breath ~ Face To The Gale

6:00 Peripheral Missions 

* The Human Rights ~ Lion Heart ~ Exclusive Pre-Release ~ Crowd Funding Project # Reggae For Refugees

* Los Poetas ~ Silencios / Te Estan Buscando Remix ~ The Remix EP NEW DISK

* King Achilla Orru ~ Lokembe Jive ~ Sacred Gift

Sugar Minnott ~ Nah Follow No Fashion~ Powerhouse Selector's Choice

6:20 Echoing Sentiments

* Broadsway ~ Julie It's Cold Outside ~ The Most Wonderful Time...Maybe 

@ Roy Thomson Hall for 25th Annual MCC Toronto Christmas Wednesday, 24 December 10:30PM

Frank Sinatra (Born on December 12, 1915)~ Homesick That's All ~ Christmas Through The Years

* Anne Walker ~ Sticky Buns ~ Down The Horseshoe Valley Road NEW DISK

Emerson Lake & Palmer ~ I Believe In Father Christmas

Lee Ritenour / Dave Grusin feat. Renée Fleming ~ River Songs ( The Water is Wide) ~ Two Worlds / including a recitation of Tanya Davis's Love As Well As Gifts

Emerson Lake & Palmer ~ Fanfare For The Common Man ~ Works

* Ron Hynes ~ The Common Man ~ Face To The Gale

Lee Ritenour / Dave Grusin ~ Lagrima ~ Two Worlds - with Toronto Music Listings

World Saxophone Quartet ~ Africa ~ Metamorphosis

Dean Martin ~ The Christmas Blues ~ L.A. Confidential Sdtrk

"Love As Well As Gifts" (Thank-you to the Fortunate Ones)

by Tanya Davis

What if angels were just people having generous days
and the realms of glory were all the world's corners from which they came
and the night was silent 'cause no one was crying out in loneliness or pain?
What if coming home for christmas meant you never had to run again
and no bombs dropped and there really were good kings
and all ye faithful came together while having faith in different things.

What if the most wonderful day of the year
was 'cause peace on earth was finally here
no matter what or where we sing
This is my resilient daydream
I call it: joy to the world
I have it all year long
while I make my way through the world

I am not that strong
I crumble often from the truth
like the fact that guns and bombs are still lawful things we use
and there's too much yet there's not enough food
and still the void we're aching with – the pain, the love, the wound

Meanwhile empty tables
meanwhile we sing carols preaching morals that we're scared of
we are wary more of strangers, giving gifts while building walls
It's a host of contradictions and Christmas won't fix it
I crave connection as I close off to it.

Can you see me?
Do you hear what I hear, it's the sadness of humanity
it's the basic human joy
it's the bonds thereof, it's the bombs of lost love
once we all have love enough – o holy night
And by the sun's returning shine I trust we will
in the meantime let us align our hearts with our goodwill
open arms for strangers seeking refuge in our midst
while welcoming our neighbours with love as well as gifts.

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